For use by skiers, skijorers,
mountaineers, hunters, and
others needing a stable and
durable sled.

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Features of the Siglin Pulk

* New design offering improved tracking

* Tough, flexible 1/8 inch UV treated
UHMW plastic

* Can be used by hunters to transport
game across bare ground

* Optional UHMW poles available with                
mounting  hardware

Photo courtesy of Bob Sutherland

All sleds are made for hauling freight
not for hauling people.

Use of the Pulk

Ultra High Molecular Weight polyethylene (UHMW) is a remarkable material.  It’s
incredibly tough and takes a lot of abrasion by rocks.  These sleds can be bent to fit your
load or rolled for shipping purposes.  To make the sled load as narrow as possible for
pulling, try loading it about six inches deep with heavy gear, then lacing the pulk tightly to
pull the sides in.  A second layer can then be tied on top.  The sides can be pulled  
together at the front, or the center of the front can be pulled back to alter the angle at
which the front of the sled meets the snow in deep snow conditions.

Use a large zippered duffel bag or one of the Rubbermaid Roughtote Action Packer boxes
for carrying gear in the sled.  The 8 gallon version fits perfectly, and two can be stacked
on top of one another.  Carrying bulky, lightweight gear (like sleeping bags) in a pack may
also help make space available in the pulk for heavier items.  The sled should be fastened
to the pack belt, or a separate hip belt if no pack is in use.  Hardware for this can be

Store the sled out of direct sunlight.